April 19, 2017

Scheduled for release in August 2017, The Soprano is my new supernatural thriller - a stand-alone novel, and quite seperate from the Father of Lies trilogy (occult horror). Here is the new cover and a brief plot summary.  I hope it whets your appetite...

Brief Synopsis:  
January 1951, and the North Staffordshire Moors sees one of the worst snow storms in living memory. Lasting for three weeks, it completely cuts off the isolated and staunchly Methodist village of Packmoor. But while the hardy community bunkers down, trying to keep warm and fend off illness, a family vendetta spanning three generations and rooted in black witchcraft, is about to culminate in one of the most shocking crimes imaginable. 

I am on schedule for a summer release and will bring it to you definitely by August ( possibly by July). The novel has taken unexpected turns as always (it's beyond my comprehension how that happens) and is now far more ghostly and wicked than I...

August 27, 2016

It's almost here... the third and final book in my occult horror trilogy and it's called... 'Magda'...
If you have read 'Father of Lies' and 'Tanners Dell' you will know that when Ruby Dean was admitted to a secure psychiatric unit high on the moors of northern England, her madness hid decades of demonic activity in the small mining village from where she came. The staff who tried to help her unlocked a dark force over which they had no control and little understanding, much to their shock and horror.

This final instalment will take you down and down and down... to where no sane person would ever wish to go...so my question is, are you ready?

Out on 31st October - Samhain -  in a couple of months time ....Are you ready to meet Magda?

May 21, 2016

The sequel to 'Father of Lies' - 'Tanners Dell' - is now out on kindle for download. The paperback will be another week or so...but as it was ready I thought 'let's go!' I hope you like it...

So what really happened in this creepy ex-mining village? The more I delved into the heart of it the more dark and horrific it got... I ended up researching things that scared the living daylights out of me... and the most terrifying thing of all is that it COULD be true.........

Fancy a read?   Amazon    Amazon UK

April 22, 2016

Here is the kindle cover for the sequel to my occult horror novel,'Father of Lies'.
'Tanners Dell' will be ready by late mid-late May, and here is the first reveal of what it's going to look like. The paperback cover has also been done and is now on the Tanners Dell page - tab along the top - complete with the book blurb on the back. Designer Gina Dickerson has done a wonderful job reading my mind and getting it just right - I am thrilled to bits with it and hope you like it too.    

Meanwhile - if you haven't read 'Father of Lies' yet, please scroll down for excerpts and information. The links on the right will take you straight to amazon and it is available in all good bookshops too! This is the link for a 'Look Inside'... http://amzn.eu/9OEUSVK 
Back with the launch of Tanners Dell in a few weeks time...




March 4, 2016

The Telling of The Story..

Tanners Dell

I'm currently about two-thirds of the way through writing, 'Tanners Dell' - the sequel to 'Father of Lies - and there are three time zones. As I was plotting out the sequence I noticed some reviewers for FOL saying they felt this slowed down the pace and they found it jumpy, so I began to question my technique and eventually came to the conclusion that I'm going to stick with it. Here's why - I like to write 'in the character's head' and therefore project their experience directly into the reader's mind with no middle man. So when it comes to Ruby, who has an identity disorder, my aim is for the reader to know what it feels like for her, and to have a fragmented memory in the exact same way. In addition to that there is a history spanning 50 years to the creepy village of Woodsend, and again this needs to be told in a living way, so it's not flashback or someone else telling the story - it is all designed so the reader lives it large! I could, of...

February 21, 2016

Good to Go!

Father of Lies is now good to go in paperback on Amazon - this is the same cover and interior as is going into bookstores on 1st March. Amazon are still selling 2nd hand ones and older/original versions - these don't have the upgraded format/editing or cover art.

This is the new jacket. I hope you like it. The design work is done by Gina Dickerson of Authors Reach. Gina has a new design company called RoseWolf and it's amazing... all our details and contacts are on our Authors Reach website - www.authorsreach.co.uk... we have a lot of books coming out between us over the next few months and some of them will be in Waterstones and major bookstores too...


The sequel to Father of Lies - Tanners Dell - is coming soon and I will post when I have more news and a cover. Sleep tight...

Previously blogged on Sarah's blog here.

February 21, 2016

3am and Wide Awake!


For the next 5 days '3am and Wide Awake' will be free to download on Amazon Kindle. This is a collection of 25 (mostly previously published) tales from the dark side... Have a treat on me!





Amazon             Amazon UK   


From the demonically inspired title story (now the basis of the prologue to supernatural horror, Father of Lies) to the raw sadness of 'Rough Love', or the horror of an online revenge attack that goes tragically wrong...I hope there will be a story or two in here that will grab you and keep you reading...


Previously blogged on Sarah's blog here.

February 6, 2016

New Posters

Here are some great new posters for Father of Lies ..courtesy of Gary Walker at Look4Books...Can you spot the creepy monk out shopping? I have to admit I missed the one in Topman window..

Authors Reach

Next - I am a member of Authors Reach - this is a group of 5 authors who have got together to bring our books directly to readers. There is a separate page on this blog and our website ishttp://www.authorsreach.co.uk 

The news is that we met up this week  - well four of us did because Catriona lives in Northern Ireland. And here is our photo!

So what's the significance of Authors Reach? Well we are all writers who have been published by various publishing companies and media, but who have ventured into self-publishing and promotion because of the flexibility and autonomy it gives us. Some of us still have some books with small publishing companies and some of us are in the process of self-publishing all of them. The main thing is we are in the process of bringing professional le...

February 6, 2016

Authors Reach is a collective made up of 5 authors - Gina Dickerson, Shani Struthers, Richard Hardie, Catriona King and myself - Sarah England. Between us we have a diverse history, a wide range of genres and a lot of ideas! Some of our books are with publishers and increasingly, many are self-published - through choice because it is giving us more freedom to create and promote our work how we like it! However, our collective aim is to bring our books directly to the readers and booksellers. More on that later...

Firstly, we have a brand new website, which shows you who we are and what we write. There is a marvellous virtual bookcase divided into genres and with links to buy whatever takes your fancy. Planned is an option to buy a signed paperback directly from us...a work in progress!  http://www.authorsreach.co.uk

Next we have a facebook page, which is designed for interaction. Please come and visit.https://www.facebook.com/authorsreach

And ...there's more.. and here's the re...

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