February 21, 2016

Good to Go!

Father of Lies is now good to go in paperback on Amazon - this is the same cover and interior as is going into bookstores on 1st March. Amazon are still selling 2nd hand ones and older/original versions - these don't have the upgraded format/editing or cover art.

This is the new jacket. I hope you like it. The design work is done by Gina Dickerson of Authors Reach. Gina has a new design company called RoseWolf and it's amazing... all our details and contacts are on our Authors Reach website - www.authorsreach.co.uk... we have a lot of books coming out between us over the next few months and some of them will be in Waterstones and major bookstores too...


The sequel to Father of Lies - Tanners Dell - is coming soon and I will post when I have more news and a cover. Sleep tight...

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February 21, 2016

3am and Wide Awake!


For the next 5 days '3am and Wide Awake' will be free to download on Amazon Kindle. This is a collection of 25 (mostly previously published) tales from the dark side... Have a treat on me!





Amazon             Amazon UK   


From the demonically inspired title story (now the basis of the prologue to supernatural horror, Father of Lies) to the raw sadness of 'Rough Love', or the horror of an online revenge attack that goes tragically wrong...I hope there will be a story or two in here that will grab you and keep you reading...


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February 20, 2016



(Previously blogged on Richard's blog here.)


My guest tonight is one of television and radio’s best loved broadcasters. 

She is also a novelist and film producer, but if that isn’t enough she has played herself in two celebrated television dramas and “appeared” on Alan Partridge, portrayed as a whiskey swilling, cigarette smoking harridan. I assure you she is none of those things.


As well as being an Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, she is a patron of the Rainbow Trust, the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation and the British Wireless Fund for the Blind.


My guest loves every project she’s involved in and enters into everything with total and obvious enthusiasm, though she says that nothing beats the buzz of being on television.


Tonight I’m proud to say that Sue Cook is with us.

Sue, firstly many thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. We’ve exchanged the occasional comment on Facebook and I know you’ve read some of my previous inte...

February 20, 2016

Previously blogged on Richard Hardie's blog here.


My interview tonight is with one of the world’s bestselling authors and a personal hero of mine. His Sharpe series, based on the Napoleonic Wars, became a tremendous success when transferred to television and his ability to combine wonderful fictional narrative with well-researched historical events makes each of his books a delight to read. His main characters whether Sharpe, Uhtred, Arthur Pendragon or Starbuck are all legends, or well on the way to becoming so, and after well over thirty books he continues to enthral his readers.


It’s a great pleasure tonight for me to talk to Bernard Cornwell.


Bernard, your books cover a wide range of time periods from prehistory with Stonehenge to the Sharpe series set in the 19th century. Is there a new century you would still like to explore?


There is, and I’m hoping to explore it this winter – a new series set in the late 16th and early 17th Centuries.


The late Tudor and Jacobean...

February 20, 2016

Previously blogged on Richard Hardie's blog here.


My guest today is an actress and writer and now an olive farmer in one of the most beautiful parts of France where she and her husband almost single-handed rebuilt and ran a farm, making it a success and the source of much heartache and joy. She has also written nearly twenty books, several on the trials and tribulations of olive growing. She also acts in her spare time!

I first saw her on TV when she played Helen Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small and I can tell you that she hasn’t changed one bit. It must be all that olive oil!

As you must have guessed by now, my guest is the wonderful Carol Drinkwater.



Carol, An olive farm? From a vet’s wife to the life of a farmer…. Was that knowledgably courageous, or blind wishful thinking? How did it start?

It began in Australia where I was in Sydney filming a mini-series for children. There I met the French executive producer of the show who aske...

February 20, 2016


 Previously blogged on Richard Hardie's blog here.


My guest today is a British historian, author and former actress.


Her books include works on revolutionary Russia, as well as the Victorian era and as a fluent Russian speaker she’s translated Chekov into English and worked with major British playwrights, such as Tom Stoppard. Fellow historians recognise her as being an authority on her specialist areas which include the Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole, who went to the Crimea against all odds. Her book, Magnificent Obsession was published in November 2011 which just happened to be the 150th anniversary of its subject’s death.... Prince Albert. She  has just published Capturing the Light: The Birth of Photography, co-authored with Roger Watson, which tells the story of Henry Fox Talbot and Louis Daguerre.

My guest has been interviewed many times, including by Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour, and I’m so pleased she has agreed to join...

February 20, 2016

Previously blogged on Richard Hardie's blog here

My guest tonight is an English film critic who has written for both the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Mail. Not one to follow the crowd, he frequently disagrees with his contemporaries and has been known to be quite vocal in his criticism. But that’s surely the job of a critic! All film companies dread owning one of Tookey’s Turkeys!

Chris Tookey is always interesting and can often be controversial. Tonight he will be Chris Tookey!

Chris, many thanks for joining us. Tell me, how did you first get into journalism?

I first succumbed at Oxford, where I read History and then Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I was first rock critic and then Editor of Isis, the university magazine. When I left university, I had a choice being a theatre director, a composer of musicals, a journalist or a politician (I was a Liberal, by the way.) I’d been involved with all of these at Oxford, at a reasonably professional level.

I plumped for the theatre as I...

February 20, 2016


Previously blogged on Richard's blog here



My guest tonight is one of the world’s best selling playwrights and a man whose plays are performed in most countries and poems are read in schools wherever English is spoken..... much to the regret of most school kids!


Few men have made a greater impression on English literature, or ever will again, and yet for all that he remains an enigma, dipped in a quandary and wrapped up in a sticky toffee puzzle. Tonight he has agreed to fill in some of the gaps and provide us with answers to some of questions that have puzzled scholars for many years. So without more ado please welcome my guest William Shakespeare.




Mr Shakespeare, or if I may call you Will, it’s a real honour and a pleasure talking to you tonight. I know you haven't given many interviews and you cultivate the man of mystery persona, even to the extent I notice of shaving off your moustache and wearing dark glasses. What convinced you to break your silence after all these years?



February 6, 2016

New Posters

Here are some great new posters for Father of Lies ..courtesy of Gary Walker at Look4Books...Can you spot the creepy monk out shopping? I have to admit I missed the one in Topman window..

Authors Reach

Next - I am a member of Authors Reach - this is a group of 5 authors who have got together to bring our books directly to readers. There is a separate page on this blog and our website ishttp://www.authorsreach.co.uk 

The news is that we met up this week  - well four of us did because Catriona lives in Northern Ireland. And here is our photo!

So what's the significance of Authors Reach? Well we are all writers who have been published by various publishing companies and media, but who have ventured into self-publishing and promotion because of the flexibility and autonomy it gives us. Some of us still have some books with small publishing companies and some of us are in the process of self-publishing all of them. The main thing is we are in the process of bringing professional le...

February 6, 2016

Last year Sarah England, Catriona King, Gina Dickerson, Shani Struthers and I decided to buy back some, if not all, of our book titles and self publish.

Courageous, or suicidal?

We have all had books published, indeed Catriona has had 13 titles released in one series alone, and the rest of have a fan base mostly on Amazon, though in my case it's predominately in book shops in the UK. We made the decision with our eyes open and formed Authors Reach Ltd to publish, promote and market our titles to the readers of books, wherever they may be and whoever they are. Most importantly we knew we worked well together as a team and would add massive value to each other's efforts.

And so it has proved.

We now have successfully working relationships with Nielsens, Ingram Spark (LightningSource) and Gardners (the UK's biggest book distributors). New editions of existing books, as well as new titles, are coming out under the Authors Reach banner and our marketing initiatives are bearing fruit in incre...

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