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Corinna Edwards-Colledge was born in Chorlton-cum-Hardy in Manchester, and spent much of her childhood reading fantasy books and exploring the local countryside fueled by Kendal Mint Cake.  Unsurprisingly a love of the natural world and a hint of mystery is something that often appears in her novels.

 Her passion for writing started when she won a poetry competition at the tender age of seven.  Since then she has worked as a journalist, written an anthology of poetry, a screenplay and three novels (The Soul Room, Return of the Morrigan and The Call).  She studied English and Media at the University of Sussex and has worked in kids playschemes, run volunteering organisations, managed the newsroom for a local TV news programme, and trodden the boards, in a play written by and starring the late Brian Behan. For the last thirteen years she has worked in local government, delivering schemes that encourage people to live more active lives.

She lives in Brighton in a loving if sometimes hectic menagerie including her husband, kids, step-kids and pets. As well as writing, she loves cooking very hot curries, going on long walks and sitting in cosy pubs, though not necessarily all in one day!

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It's been the worst year of Maddie's life, but the offer of a gardening job in Italy gives her the opportunity to start afresh and takes her back to the Amarena Vineyard, scene of a childhood mystery.
The heat and beauty of an Italian Summer, and romance with the Amarena's son, Sergio, releases her from her depression, but it is destined to come to an unexpected end when Maddie's brother, Dan, goes missing.

Back by the stormy beaches of her home-town, Brighton, Maddie finds she has brought more back from Italy than she bargained for, as sleep now brings her to a mysterious ocean-bound room, home to something wonderful and unexpected.

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It's the hottest summer on record in the run-down village of Burdon, and someone's coming. Roaring into town one night on a powerful motorbike, the beautiful and mysterious Mary, soon proves she is not what she seems. For young Niall Costello, Mary becomes an obsession, and within days, her influence has spread across the village.
As ancient myth collides with their lives, Niall and his family must defeat their inner demons if they are to defeat the very real one that has decided to pursue them.

A Village haunted by the past, two people haunted by the present.

Haute Vienne, France, 1944, and the retreating Nazis leave a trail of horror and destruction in their wake.   75 years later when Michelle’s estranged Great Aunt leaves her a cottage in a quiet French village, she finds her own experience of loss and heartache reflected in the tragic history of Argemourt.

Young Parisian student, Paul, is living in a city still reeling after a series of terrorist attacks.  The aftermath is inescapable, breeding suspicion and anger, even in his own family.  Increasingly, Paul finds himself retreating into the past, but discovers it is a place of horror, as well as escape.

When, through twists of fate, the two of them meet in the village of Argemourt; the ghosts of past and present are awakened.  Can Michelle and Paul find a way to help the dead rest; and themselves live and love; in a world that never seems to learn the lessons of history?

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When Pippa comes across a young man standing on the edge of a deserted bridge, little does she know that her next phone call will be part of a chain of events that will reverberate through the lives of thirteen people she will never meet.

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