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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

New Posters

Here are some great new posters for Father of Lies ..courtesy of Gary Walker at Look4Books...Can you spot the creepy monk out shopping? I have to admit I missed the one in Topman window..

Authors Reach

Next - I am a member of Authors Reach - this is a group of 5 authors who have got together to bring our books directly to readers. There is a separate page on this blog and our website is

The news is that we met up this week - well four of us did because Catriona lives in Northern Ireland. And here is our photo!

So what's the significance of Authors Reach? Well we are all writers who have been published by various publishing companies and media, but who have ventured into self-publishing and promotion because of the flexibility and autonomy it gives us. Some of us still have some books with small publishing companies and some of us are in the process of self-publishing all of them. The main thing is we are in the process of bringing professional level books to readers and booksellers directly....exciting times!

Occult Horror

Finally, I am cracking along with the sequel to Father of Lies. This is going to be called, 'Tanners Dell' and having thoroughly enjoyed, and been shocked, by the research involved, I am really writing quickly now as I get into it. I'm not going to give a thing away except that it's going to be much darker and a lot more scary...largely because I'm keeping the line between what is happening and what really could happen, a thin one! I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, reviews are coming in for Father of Lies, and I am pleased to say that many readers are saying they've been suitably terrified! Underlying it all is a most serious issue, of course, and I hope that I can manage to convey that with the full impact it deserves.

Oh yes - I've been advised to wear a black tourmaline while I write this, and I also wear a cross..well, you never know...


Image courtesy of Gina Dickerson...

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