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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Scheduled for release in August 2017, The Soprano is my new supernatural thriller - a stand-alone novel, and quite seperate from the Father of Lies trilogy (occult horror). Here is the new cover and a brief plot summary. I hope it whets your appetite... Brief Synopsis: January 1951, and the North Staffordshire Moors sees one of the worst snow storms in living memory. Lasting for three weeks, it completely cuts off the isolated and staunchly Methodist village of Packmoor. But while the hardy community bunkers down, trying to keep warm and fend off illness, a family vendetta spanning three generations and rooted in black witchcraft, is about to culminate in one of the most shocking crimes imaginable.

I am on schedule for a summer release and will bring it to you definitely by August ( possibly by July). The novel has taken unexpected turns as always (it's beyond my comprehension how that happens) and is now far more ghostly and wicked than I had originally intended. I'll have more for you soon... *** Meanwhile - if you have not read the Father of Lies trilogy - all three books: Father of Lies, Tanners Dell and Magda - are on a 99p/99c kindle price promotion over the Easter weekend. This is occult horror and not for the faint hearted... There are now over 600 reviews for the books across amazon; oh and I love this particular review from an Australian reader, 'Scared out of my wits! Seriously this series is insanely good & will make you pray for the light' (Find it here on OR on Amazon UK) Job done! I'm happy with that...

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