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The Time Crystals by Teresa Bassett

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of Teresa Bassett’s

award-winning time travel novel The Time Crystals, her second under the

Authors Reach banner.

The Time Crystals is a mystery adventure suitable for adults and children alike.

It tells the story of twelve-year-old Clara Callenick, who is astonished to

discover a time portal within an overgrown mine shaft on her family’s land. She

is charged with a desperate mission: at all costs, she must stop the evil Derek

Maunding from buying the mine and possessing its secrets. At stake: not only

Clara’s future, but the future of the world.

Originally published by Books to Treasure last year, Teresa’s novel manuscript

had already attracted attention, reaching the final five in Amazon’s

Breakthrough Novel Award, Young Adult category. The prize for getting to this

stage was a review in Publishers Weekly, who described the story as a “thrilling

time travel page-turner.” To Teresa’s amazement, her manuscript went on to

win $5000 in a US contest named The Next Novelist, which ran for one year.

“My main aim was to write an exciting adventure,” said Teresa, “but my novel

also explores the importance of friendship and family, and of caring for our

precious planet.”

Teresa’s book has strong local connections for her, with a setting inspired by

her real life childhood home. “I was born on the site of a former tin mine,” she

said, “in a village near St Austell, Cornwall. As a child, I spent many happy

hours playing among the tin and clay mine workings, back when running

around outdoors was most kids’ favourite pastime. I often wondered what might

lurk in the mine tunnels and shafts beneath my feet, and loved to dream up

fantastic adventures.”

The Time Crystals is very special to me,” said Teresa, “and I’m proud to be

releasing this new edition with Authors Reach. The timing is good, because I’m

currently hard at work on the second book in the series, working title Flight of

the Bluebird. All being well, it should be in the hands of readers early next


The Time Crystals is available as a paperback or ebook from Amazon, and may

also be ordered via the usual channels from bookshops.

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Publishers Weekly review of The Time Crystals

In this thrilling time travel page-turner, four kids from rural England learn that

no less than the fate of the world as we know it will be determined by them.

Or, more specifically, by 12-year-old Clara Callenick and how good she is at

convincing her grandmother not to sell land that has been in the family for

generations. There is only one problem: Gran has already agreed to sell the

land to Derek Maunding, a conniving local businessman.

For Clara the trouble all starts when she is overcome by sudden, wrenching

headaches that mysteriously occur at specific but inexplicable times. The

searing pain occurs at the hours of 1:11 am, 2:22 am, 3:33 am, and so on, every

eighth day. At the same time, there are bright, multicolored lights that rocket

skyward from the opening of an abandoned tin mine on Gran's property.

Of course Clara is hesitant to talk with anyone about the weird events, but she

finally relents, telling school friends Rob Hocking, Hayley Shezell, and Mick

Amar. Together they decide to investigate by going down to the mine opening

and awaiting the expected light show.

What ensues is a series of hair-raising, edge-of-your-seat events culminating in

a delightful story that packs a powerful values punch relevant to both young

and not-so-young adults.


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