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When you look in the mirror, who do you see?

With Mandy the haunted doll now safely ensconced in Mason Town Museum, sealed in a glass case, Shady Groves and her colleagues, Annie and Ray, can relax. After a fashion. The small-town museum they run is not like others, it's a place that seeks to contain and understand artifacts and relics charged with negative energy. Their aim is to gradually reduce how potent that energy can be, and the destruction it can lead to.

All is well, until Shady chances upon a mirror in a thrift store. The reflection staring back at her is not quite her own. The artifact is purchased and brought back to the museum, where, under controlled circumstances, they begin to explore its history.

A girl, a woman, appears to be the previous owner. One who is troubled, who swings between emotions like some wild pendulum. As more is revealed, Shady follows her down each dark avenue, finally uncovering an involvement in one of the most shocking episodes of American history. Appalled, she refuses to continue.

But, as Shady, Annie and Ray know, sometimes there's no turning back.

Just what did happen at Cades Home Farm?

Cades Home Farm

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