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A shorter novel, Rosamund feeds into the best-selling Psychic Surveys series, and is the story of sub-character Rosamund. It can also be listened to as a standalone. 


Could you find your way through Hell?


Ruby Davis runs Psychic Surveys, a high street company specializing in domestic spiritual clearance. Having inherited her ability to see beyond the veil that separates this world and the next from her mother Jessica, she is busy helping grounded spirits to cross the great divide. In turn, Jessica inherited her gift from her mother Sarah, and Sarah from Rosamund.


Throughout the early 20th century, Rosamund Davis was a woman held in high regard concerning her mediumship abilities and her pioneering work with London’s famous psychical society. She published many papers on psychic matters, although there are some that remain unpublished, for the eyes of the Davis family only. It is these unavailable works concerning the non-spirit that fascinate many - entities born of negative thoughts that subsequently take on their own energy. Entities known as demons.


But what caused her to write about such dark matter?


From her own notes, in her own words, this is Rosamund’s account.


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