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The Weight of the Soul is the eighth in the bestselling Psychic Surveys series, that feature plot twists, compelling characters and a mystery at its dark heart. Perfect for fans of Stephen King, Darcy Coates, CJ Tudor and James Herbert.

Life may have moved on to new challenges for Ruby Davis, now being a mother to baby Hendrix, but she’s back at the helm of Psychic Surveys, her spiritual domestic clearance company, and the cases just keep getting stranger.

A new client, Carrie-Ann Kendall, has suffered an accident at sea, one that – according to her – she shouldn’t have survived. Visiting a clairvoyant who is apparently terrified by her presence, only confirms this notion. It is now up to Ruby and the team to find out whether she has cheated death. If so, what are the consequences, and for how long?

Leon Vasilescu is the clairvoyant, now missing since encountering Carrie-Ann, and whom Psychic Surveys must track down. But in doing so, they will encounter another danger, one that is far more personal to Ruby and her mother Jessica, that could have them facing death too.

The Weight of the Soul

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