Trevor Belshaw

Trevor Belshaw is from Nottingham in the United Kingdom and writes for both children and adults. Prior to joining Authors Reach he was the author of Tracy's Hot Mail, Tracy's Celebrity Hot Mail and the noir, suspense novella, Out Of Control. His new novel, The family saga, Unspoken, was released in July, 2020 and he now writes as T A Belshaw.
Trevor is also the author of 15 children's books written under the name of Trevor Forest. The latest.
Magic Molly The Curse of Cranberry Cottage was released in August 2015
His children's poem,
Clicking Gran, was long listed for the Plough prize (children's section ) in 2009 and his short poem, My Mistake, was published in an anthology of the best entries in the Farringdon Poetry Competition.
Trevor's articles have been published in magazines as diverse as Ireland's Own, The Best of British and First Edition.
Trevor is currently working on the sequel to
Unspoken and the third book in the Tracy series; Tracy's Euro Hot Mail.


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Trevor's second book to be published by Authors Reach Ltd will be out later this year.

Sad Lisa synopsis

Adam Sears is a humble clerk who works at a London bank in 1891.

One evening, as Adam is travelling home on the omnibus to his shabby, shared rooms in Paddington, he spots an advertisement for an apartment to rent at a ridiculously low cost for such an affluent area.

He is, at first, delighted with his new home and revels in his new found good fortune, but after receiving dire warnings from his neighbours about an apparition that drove away the previous three tenants, and observing the strange behaviour of the Parson’s family cat, Adam begins to wonder if there is some truth in the rumours of a ghost.

When Adam is invited to a séance and receives a message from the afterlife, his boss’s wife pleads with him to allow her to spend a night in his allegedly haunted flat. When Sad Lisa makes an appearance while Mrs Patterson is using the bathroom, he decides to do some in-depth research on the land that his new home was built on.

He discovers that the property stands on the spot of a burned down Magdalen Asylum which took in fallen women, including unmarried mothers, and forced them to work in virtual slavery in their laundries.

When the spectre of Sad Lisa begins to materialise in front of Adam, he is at first curious, then resolved to finding the reason why the poor, crying spirit is unable to move on to the afterlife. But as the nights grow longer, her visits become more frequent and the apparition takes on a physical form.

Sad Lisa coaxes Adam through the walls of his comfortable flat to the cold, granite façade of the asylum where a terrifying encounter awaits him.

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