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Image by Mitchell Orr

FJ Mitchell 

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FJ began her life in Hampshire but has lived on a farm with her family in the wild west of Wales for over twenty years.

Having merrily wasted her history degree from the moment she received it, FJ decided to keep on doing so by writing about magical flying ships, sharks with jet packs, weaponised gazpacho, and swashbuckling sky pirates with incredibly good hair.

She blames her time raising animals and children for combining what was an already lively sense of the ridiculous with the desire to live in a fantasy world; and the result is The Barsian Job, a six-book series for anyone who ever wanted to break the fourth wall and demand to speak to the manager.

FJ guarantees that her books are more exciting than chasing sheep around a field, funnier than watching a beloved child faceplant in the mud and warmer than losing your welly in the muck heap. Trust her, she’s an expert. 
Image by Tom Barrett
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