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After leaving Worthing Art College, Robin, with friends, formed a touring theatre company in the early 70s named ‘Cliffhanger’. The shows were always comedies and contrived through improvisation. After writing for several TV comedies, he became a contributor to Alas Smith and Jones and later, the main writer for Mr. Bean, the series, movies and  animations. He’s recently put scriptwriting aside to write mystery thrillers, which might surprise some, but rather than write comedies, he’s chosen to write what he likes to read.  But, as with old dogs and new tricks, he can’t help including a certain amount of comedy in his work.  He lives near the South Downs behind Brighton.   

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“A cracking, breathless plot with every sentence stiletto-heel sharp and witty.” Richard Curtis. Blackadder, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral.
A lawyer running from the Russian mob. A jilted lover hard on his heels and a hitman who has them both in his sights. All three are on a collision course to a remote Scottish Island, and not all of them will be making it home. John Grisham’s The Firm meets The Thomas Crown Affair and bumps into Whiskey Galore! on the way.
“Rough Music is a subtle, slick, swift-moving journey into the sinister shadowlands of finance and corruption. A most enjoyable, well-crafted debut novel that moves easily between different worlds, be it nature’s wilderness or the more dangerous Badlands of our cities.”
Paul Doherty. The Brother Athelstan and Hugh Corbett mystery novels.
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From the world of New York’s Catholic Cathedral, to the secret and treacherous brotherhood of a Black Forest monastery, to a Vatican conclave to elect a new pope.
This is the second novel from Robin Driscoll of Alas Smith and Jones and the Mr. Bean TV series and films. Following the success of Rough Music, Robin has crafted a thriller full of verve and pace and introduces the fearless and Josie King, as she delves into an underworld of religious fanaticism on a personal crusade for vengeance.
“A breathless, compelling thriller with sinister religious fanatics, an engaging heroine, a shocking crime and a dark secret, The Unborn is guaranteed to keep you awake deep into the night,”
Lisa De Silva, Sussex Living Magazine.
It's NYPD's Detective Josie King's last day on the force. As farewell toasts are raised, she receives a text-message that stops her breathing. Olive, her one-year-old goddaughter has been kidnapped! Now no longer a cop, and without the department's weight and resources behind her, she doggedly follows the clues the kidnapper sends her, determined to bring little Olive home.
She knows this is personal. Someone is messing with her head, but who, and why?
With the clock counting down and the hours shrinking, Josie finds Olive isn't the only person close to her being targeted by a monster from her past.
Another fast-moving mystery thriller from scriptwriter Robin Driscoll - 'If you like fast-paced thrillers with an engaging heroine, a cast of well drawn characters and a generous helping of humour then you will love Stay Warm." Thrillerman
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