V.K. (Veronica) McGivney

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Veronica McGivney spent her childhood in a small seaside resort on the Isle of Wight where her mother ran a guest house for holidaymakers during the summer months.

 At school, her main claims to fame were producing irreverent caricatures of the teaching staff and persistent truanting. Despite this, after gaining  a BA and a PhD at the University of Exeter, she went on to pursue a career in education, working at the Open University and the Universities of Sussex and Nairobi before becoming a principal research officer at The National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education.

 After years of writing academic books and reports, Veronica now enjoys the freedom of writing fiction – something she has wanted to do since earliest childhood.  She is a multi-genre author who writes novels and short stories, some of which have been short-listed in British short story competitions. Her fiction books are written under the name V. K. McGivney. 

 She lives in a leafy part of Brighton where as well as writing, she tries to find time for painting, reading, gardening and playing tennis.

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There is more than one victim when someone is murdered

A man’s violent death has a devastating impact on his family.

After her accountant husband is gunned down in the street by an unknown assailant, Karen Armstrong is shocked to discover that he had been leading a secret life of which she was completely unaware. 

How can she protect her children from learning the terrible truth about their father?

Karen tries to escape gossip and press intrusion by taking the family to Wales where she meets a local man and discovers a new sense of freedom. But after someone is arrested on suspicion of the murder, details about her husband’s activities begin to leak into the media and Karen makes a discovery that turns the police investigation on its head.


When a birthday turns out to be a death day...

Hanna Walker wakes up in a hospital bed but has no memory of what has happened to her. When questioned by the police, she is devastated to learn that her lifelong friend, Stella, has been murdered and she herself left for dead, after Stella’s recent birthday party.

During the murder investigation Stella’s ex husband and several of her former lovers fall under suspicion. When Stella’s own activities in the period leading up to the party also come under the spotlight, Hanna is forced to revise her opinion of the woman she thought was her closest friend. But was Stella a real friend?

A comic novel that follows the adventures of a man at a critical time in his life.

Henpecked salesman Harry Saunders hates his job and is dreading the arrival of his fiftieth birthday. He is resigned to a bleak future when a sudden and unpremeditated act of courage propels him into a succession of dangerous but ultimately life-changing situations.
After Harry foils a robbery, he loses his job and allows himself to be drawn into dubious activities that he finds difficult to extricate himself from. His marriage goes steadily downhill and he becomes a pariah in his own family.
When good things start happening to him, Harry decides to confess what he has done to the police, with unexpected results.

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A Collection of varied and original Short Stories.
A lost hat, a free lunch, a bullied schoolgirl, a piano that plays itself, an old man’s secret, a downtrodden wife’s revenge - these are some of the themes of the short stories in this rich and varied collection.
The eleven tales in the anthology employ a mixture of humour, pathos, mystery and the supernatural to present a range of intriguing and challenging human situations. Some explore the decisions made by people at crisis moments in their life; others have plot twists and turns that the reader won’t see coming

After he witnesses a dazzling object in the sky, research student Richard Jarman learns that part of the greenbelt around London has been destroyed, ostensibly by fire.  Convinced that the UFO was responsible, he tells the police who react with scepticism.  When he discovers that similar incidents have been occurring across the globe, Richard becomes obsessed with discovering the cause. He neglects his thesis and in his search for answers, becomes involved with an elderly vagrant and a nun who both witnessed the same phenomenon. 

 Richard and the nun fall into the clutches of a shadowy religious cult whose terrifying leader believes that the destruction of the world’s vegetation heralds the end of the world and the Second Coming of the Messiah. The planet is plunged into even greater crisis when spaceships descend and a host of seemingly indestructible beings invade some of the world’s most populous cities.  When Richard and his girlfriend Fiona consult a famous medium, they believe they have discovered the motive for the invasion, but is it the right one?

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