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We are open to submissions
What does this mean? Read on...

Authors Reach is based on a co-operative model. We take on you, the author, rather than simply your book. If we accept you, we accept all future publications, providing you uphold your contract agreement and your books meet our criteria. 

If you are interested in joining us, we ask that you send us an email at with 'Membership submission' in the subject line. Please address the email to Richard Hardie.

Your email should include:

  • A brief description of who you are and why you are interested in joining us.

  • Titles of previously published works and a brief description of at least one work in progress that you are seeking to publish with us.  

If you meet our initial requirements, we will request that you send us a synopsis of your work in progress, the first three chapters (or equivalent 10,000 words) and further details about yourself and your author journey. Please do not send us any samples unless we request them first. If we like your work, one of our directors will get back to you about the next steps. 

Please allow up to four weeks for a response before contacting us again. 


  • You must submit a new manuscript idea to us. It could be a rough draft or a complete manuscript but must something that will be exclusively published by Authors Reach. 

  • You may submit self-published works (providing you have the right to remove a book from Amazon and re-publish under us. You may also submit books brought over from another publisher, provided you also have the rights to do this. 

  • You must be able to prove to us why you want to join Authors Reach and what plans you have for future publications. We don't accept 'one-off' works. 

Your work must fit in with our preferred genres (including sub-genres of those listed) and audiences:

  • Crime 

  • Fantasy 

  • Historical 

  • Mystery

  • Mystery Thriller

  • Psychological 

  • Romance (no erotica)

  • Supernatural 

  • Young Adult 

We don't currently accept non-fiction, short stories or poetry. 


Our membership fee for new authors is £150 per year. We do not take a cut of this money, nor do we take royalties. Every penny of your membership goes towards marketing our authors. You will not be asked for a fee until after the contract is signed.  

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