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Authors Reach - a new frontier!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Authors Reach is a collective made up of 5 authors - Gina Dickerson, Shani Struthers, Richard Hardie, Catriona King and myself - Sarah England. Between us we have a diverse history, a wide range of genres and a lot of ideas! Some of our books are with publishers and increasingly, many are self-published - through choice because it is giving us more freedom to create and promote our work how we like it! However, our collective aim is to bring our books directly to the readers and booksellers. More on that later... Firstly, we have a brand new website, which shows you who we are and what we write. There is a marvellous virtual bookcase divided into genres and with links to buy whatever takes your fancy. Planned is an option to buy a signed paperback directly from us...a work in progress! Next we have a facebook page, which is designed for interaction. Please come and visit. And ...there's more.. and here's the really good bit - for everyone who signs up to our newsletter there is a free ebook on offer from Shani. What's not to like? Our newsletter will tell you about new releases (one very imminent), special offers and promotions, free books and stories, personal signings and more about our books in shops and on alternative sites. There will be competitions and events too...with our very popular prizes! So please sign for our newsletter, which will probably be once a month or so, and then we can keep you informed! Finally... watch out for blog posts galore..because all 5 of us intend to talk to you very regularly...and we're kind of hoping you'll talk back!

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