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World Poetry Day

In honour of World Poetry Day, we have decided to share two poems written by two of our authors Corinna Edwards-College and Francesca Tyer.

Image from Unplash


Corinna Edwards-Colledge

Choose your words carefully

They matter

They are not ephemera

They are bricks and mortar

Choose your words carefully.

They can be the sail that speeds the boat

Or bitter thugs

Pressing the knee upon the throat

Words of hate make more hate

Words of love make more love

Words are the fish, the rod and bait

Words are the hand inside the glove

Choose your words carefully

You could open a heart,

Tear down bridges

pull mountains apart

Choose your words carefully

They are not anonymous

They are your children

consequential and autonomous

Words of fear make more fear

Words of hope make more hope

Words close our eyes or make us seers,

Words are the scaffold and the rope.

Black and white words

Young and old words

Left and right words

Yes and no words

Rich and poor words

Cold and warm words

Less and more words

High and low words

Sharp and soft words

Stop and go words¬¬¬

Found and lost words

Life and death words

Choose your words carefully

Their footsteps are just behind you

Corinna Edwards-Colledge, January 2022

Image from Unplash

For All Time

Francesca Tyer

These are the diamonds of man, Riches sprung from caves of the mind, depths of the soul. Passed from lover to lover, mother to child, Twisted by tongues of time. In cloudy seas of sorrow, they voice the falling tear

which cannot grieve alone. Loved, hated, cursed, forgiven, since time began, Changed by the passing years. In poetry, book, and song, Formed in inky black as mysterious as the sky. The ever-changing circle unites as one, The everlasting word.

Francesca Tyer, 2017


Happy World Poetry Day to one and all!

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