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Promises to Keep is the seventh in the bestselling Psychic Surveys series, that features plot twists, compelling characters and a mystery at its dark heart! Perfect for fans of James Herbert, Darcy Coates and Stephen King.

Heavily pregnant, Ruby Davis has handed over the reins of her psychic business to Corinna, Theo and Ness, who all lament the loss of her leadership. Corinna, at the helm, is determined to keep up their brilliant track record, with case after case continuing to come in. But something has caught her attention. Not a case, exactly, but a dark local mystery.

Rayners Wood forms part of a local landscape feature known as the Devil's Triangle, with Chanctonbury Ring and Cissbury Ring being the other points of the formation, and all associated with cults and black magic.

Called to the Bows' home in Lindfield, where the family is experiencing psychic phenomena, Corinna senses a link between the woods and another house in the village, one that the spirit at the Bows' house is trying to warn them about - Low Cottage. Further investigations reveal that certain houses in Lindfield form a triangle of their own, with Low Cottage and Rayners Wood being the bottom points of each formation, indicating something hellish.

Corinna has been warned by Ruby to keep their work as ordinary as possible after Blakemort, to keep the original purpose of the business: to specialise in spiritual domestic clearance and nothing more. But with Psychic Surveys, very often the ordinary leads to the extraordinary, and as more links are forged between Low Cottage and Rayners Wood, mortal danger awaits...

Promises to Keep

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