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A series of standalone chilling ghost stories, that are also connected to the bestselling Psychic Surveys series. Are you brave enough to delve in? 

Don't leave me alone in the dark...

In 1977, Minch Point Lighthouse on Skye's most westerly tip was suddenly abandoned by the keeper and his family - no reason ever found. In the decade that followed, it became a haunt for teenagers on the hunt for thrills. Playing Thirteen Ghost Stories, they'd light thirteen candles, blowing one out after every story told until only the darkness remained.

In 1987, following her success working on a case with Sussex Police, twenty-five year old psychic, Ness Patterson, is asked to investigate recent happenings at the lighthouse. Local teen, Ally Dunn, has suffered a breakdown following time spent there and is refusing to speak to anyone. Arriving at her destination on a stormy night, Ness gets a terrifying insight into what the girl experienced.

The case growing ever more sinister, Ness realises: some games should never be played.


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