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Father of Lies - new editions

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Good to Go!

Father of Lies is now good to go in paperback on Amazon - this is the same cover and interior as is going into bookstores on 1st March. Amazon are still selling 2nd hand ones and older/original versions - these don't have the upgraded format/editing or cover art.

This is the new jacket. I hope you like it. The design work is done by Gina Dickerson of Authors Reach. Gina has a new design company called RoseWolf and it's amazing... all our details and contacts are on our Authors Reach website - we have a lot of books coming out between us over the next few months and some of them will be in Waterstones and major bookstores too...

The sequel to Father of Lies - Tanners Dell - is coming soon and I will post when I have more news and a cover. Sleep tight...

Previously blogged on Sarah's blog here.

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