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New Release: Walker by Shani Struthers

On 20th July, Shani Struthers released her new psychological thriller, Walker. This is the third book in her Reach for the Dead series and is already a number one bestseller on Amazon's charts.

Reach for the Dead:

Set in America, the series revolves around 22-year old Shady Groves, who is able to handle objects and read their history - a practice known as psychometry. She, along with Annie Hawkins, who owns a rather unusual small-town museum that Shady works in, along with their other colleague, Ray Bartlett, aim to shed light on some often dark and precarious situations.

In the first book, Mandy, the case of an alleged haunted doll takes them on a road trip into the wilds of snowy Canada. In the second book, Cades Home Farm, the spotlight is on cults and the type of people who’d be influenced by them. In Walker, it’s the turn of the Skin Walkers - are they just a Navajo myth or is there much more to them than that?

The series can be found on Amazon, and is available in ebook, paperback and audio. It's a series not to be missed so the question is, do you dare?

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