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Aftermath of an Affair - A new novel from V.K. McGivney

Enjoy a sneak peek of V. K. Mcgiveny's new novel Aftermath of a Murder with this intriguing blurb.

The blurb:

When businessman Adam Gallagher ends one affair and embarks upon another, he fails to anticipate both the fury and resentment of his betrayed wife and discarded mistress and the dire consequences of his actions.

After Gallagher’s body is found dumped in woods, suspicion inevitably falls on the women he has wronged, but the police believe his death could be connected to the severe financial problems faced by the business he founded.

Investigators Jon and Hayley are tasked with untangling the web of intrigue and lies surrounding the tragic chain of events unleashed by Gallagher’s affairs. But will Jon's determination to solve the case result in the destruction of his own marriage?

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