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Happy New Year!

Back in October, Jean-Louis Bravard wrote a piece for the Authors Reach blog about his difficult experience of Covid-19. Now, several months on and fully recovered, Jean-Louis writes again, sending a positive message for the New Year.

Happy New Year!

Most of you will probably think that I am a bit late or suffering from “Long COVID", but no. My timing is all planned. Due to COVID and my coma I “lost” fourteen days in 2020 (despite the fact 2020 was a leap year) and therefore this is my resulting “belated” Happy New Year!

I hope you are all as well as can be given the circumstances. Life here in London is not bad but it is also no fun. The short days and grey skies and the inability to fly to a sunny place combined with the sense that COVID will dominate our lives for many more weeks does not make for fun. Additionally, we ache for our friends in the medical profession and those undergoing hospital treatments. Eibhlín and I try to help here and there but the deep trauma will last no matter how fast we all get vaccinated.

I now have five grandchildren. While, sadly, I have not been able to be physically present with the three Bostonians, I take delight in tracking their daily progress thanks to WhatsApp, Zoom and Facetime. By contrast, our lives are very much intertwined with the two Londoners. Some of that is a direct result of COVID as we have created a bubble across the two families. I must say that thinking back to April and my long hours helping Saoirse or Oisín burp (or recently trying to get Xavier to sleep) I am extremely thankful because during those hours I was, and still find myself, directly useful, contributing to the well-being of these mini human beings. Seeing them grow, smile or sleep is wonderful.

The time spent last Spring with Áed, walking, collecting “cailloux” or reading books also counts as life extension. The same effect happens with Luca, from sharing my granola, playing with Lego or just walking in the park.

Life is good. Repeat. Life is good. Still, despite the fact we have no plans to travel anywhere we are blessed with a spacious home, a loving family and caring friends. We certainly are not and do not feel alone. Life is good… and I will raise my glass to you and those you love. Stay as healthy as possible. I wish you can also be… HAPPY.

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