Launches in Lockdown – Part 1

January 22, 2021 By Alison Symes

This post has been republished with permission from Allison Symes. It originally appeared in Chandler's Ford Today.

From a writing viewpoint, 2020 had the benefit of:-

1. Zoom. 2. Being able to have some writing events thanks to Zoom!

The major disadvantage was the lack of our usual writing events. This was something I discussed with YA writer, Richard Hardie, last week. He has faced the challenges of the pandemic as author and publisher (see link at the bottom of this post).

But writers and publishers still had books to launch, so I thought I’d look at how authors, including me, managed this during this strange period.

A huge thanks to all of the writers taking part in this series. They have all shared fabulous insights and something that comes across from what they share here is where one way is not possible, others will be.

That is something positive from 2020 I think.

Feature Image – Launches In Lockdown Part 1.

Image created in Book Brush using an image from Pixabay

Allison Symes and published works. Image by Adrian Symes

Allison Symes

1. What book(s) did you launch in 2020?

Mainly my second flash fiction collection, Tripping The Flash Fantastic, though I’ve been promoting three anthologies too – The Best of Cafelit 9, Mulling It Over, and Transformations. I have flash fiction and/or short stories in these.

Tripping the Flash Fantastic. Book cover image from Chapeltown Books

2. How did you do this?

For the anthologies, I’ve been sharing the word on social media and my website regularly (including putting images up – people remember images).

For Tripping The Flash Fantastic, I held a cyberlaunch on Facebook. I continue to spread the word about it, and have created story videos which I shared on Youtube (having set up my own channel which was easy to do) and Facebook group pages such as the Christmas Book Hub which was set up to help authors promote their wares from October to December 2020. I am also on Paula Readman’s Clubhouse Bookshop Facebook page (and Paula will be making a very welcome return to CFT later on in the series). Now Facebook pages need eyecatching banners to draw people in and I think Wendy H Jones did a fantastic job on this one. (And yes I will be chatting to Wendy later on too).

Clubhouse Bookshop pic by Wendy Jones on 9th December 2020. Eyecatching Facebook banners like this are all part of the marketing work.