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Launching Today … Ten Twisty Tales by Teresa Bassett

We are pleased to announce the publication of Ten Twisty Tales: suspense stories for young adults by Teresa Bassett. Ten Twisty Tales is a collection of gripping short stories, all of suitable for readers of any age from approximately thirteen and up.

A split-second decision. A life changed forever.

Decisions may be made in the blink of an eye, but their consequences can last a lifetime. If you enjoy stories with tricky dilemmas at their heart, you’ll love these twisty tales all about ordinary people and their choices: sometimes good, sometimes bad … and sometimes deadly.

A law-abiding student’s life unravels after her boyfriend begs for help in plotting revenge.

A loving daughter is thrilled when her dad takes her and her brother on an unexpected day out. So why is there a gun in the glovebox?

A lonely fifteen-year-old can’t believe her luck when a popular highflier seeks her out. The new friend exudes confidence and charm, but what lies beneath that perfect exterior?

“Some of these stories have previously appeared in multi-author collections,” said Teresa, “and I’m delighted to bring them all together alongside some new ones written specially for and family crises, but they have in common the difficulties of young adult life, of trying to find your way in the world and making good – or terrible – choices. Above all, I hope they provide a page-turning read!”

Teresa’s book is available as a paperback from Amazon or bookshops, or as an ebook from Amazon. Find it here:

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