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Remember Remember, a new novel by Richard Hardie

For an author, a book launch is the culmination of many weeks, months, or even years of slaving over a hot keyboard. Of course, it’s also the start of telling the world how wonderful the book is and watching it inch its way up the rankings.

At Authors Reach we’re lucky to have authors such as Shani Struthers who with 29 books already on the shelves, publishes on average 2 books a year and usually another at Christmas, Francesca Tyer who is close to publishing the 4th book in her YA fantasy series, Teresa Bassett, whose Cornish Mysteries now number 4 books in as many years, and Robin Driscoll whose 2 Josie King mysteries are soon to be joined by a 3rd, making four books in total alongside his first novel, a standalone titled Rough Music. There’s also FJ Mitchell, our latest author, whose first book Destiny’s Boot was published by Authors Reach in January. Others will follow very soon.

Oh, and then there’s me!

My third book in the Temporal Detective Agency series saw the light of day at the end of 2023. Publishers always say that the first book is a one-off, the second book is a sequel, but the third book makes it a series … and that’s official! Remember Remember takes the Agency from Camelot and to an adventure rescuing American presidents, while meeting up with General Custer, Guy Fawkes, Napoleon Bonaparte, Al Capone, H G Wells and Thomas Edison. They also get involved in the Gunpowder Plot and find out that there a lot more to the conspiracy than meets the eye. Remember Remember follows Leap of Faith and Trouble With Swords in the series, but is a self-contained story in its own right.

Just as thrilling for me, and probably more so in some ways, was the launch at the end of January of Trouble With Swords as an audiobook on Audible. The narrator is the excellent actress Penny Scott-Andrews who also narrated Leap of Faith. As before, she adds so much to the story in depth and character definition. If you’re an Audible member it’s well worth a month’s credit!

Two reasons for me to be very happy in 2024 and its hardly even started yet!

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