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THE WORLD'S MOST HAUNTED PLACES: Resistance by Shani Struthers

From the author of the bestselling Psychic Surveys series, comes a series of STANDALONE novels, set in and around THE WORLD'S MOST HAUNTED PLACES.

Resistance by Shani Struthers

In Book One discover Venice, 'the world's most haunted city' and nearby Poveglia, 'the world's most haunted island'. In Book Two, travel to snowy Pennsylvania for a stay at the mysterious Egress Hotel. In Book Three, visit London's most haunted cemetery, Highgate. In Book Four, discover Rohaise, a woman accused of witchcraft, and in Book Five, explore the dark side of the eternal city, Rome.


Due to an inheritance, Hannah Massey buys an apartment in Rome, once belonging to recluse Caterina Ricci. On arrival, she finds it's something of a time capsule, with many of the previous tenants' belongings still there. Intending to use it as a holiday rental, she begins clearing the flat, but there's one room she's reluctant to enter, the second bedroom, which is not only home to Caterina’s more personal possessions, but possibly the spirit of Caterina herself.


Across Europe, World War Two is raging. In the spring of 1943, Caterina comes down from the mountains to Rome following the death of her grandparents. She's never been before, and is both fascinated by its grandeur and fearful of the mood there. Bold in spirit, she finds small ways to resist oppression, then meets Tomaso, who is capable of so much more. But with resistance comes reprisal, terrible reprisal.

As Hannah learns, Rome truly is the eternal city, a place where the past is forever present. The glory and the horrors.

Resistance launched yesterday, on 31st August 2023, and is now available for purchase!

Buy your copy now - if you dare...


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