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The Mystery of Acorn Academy – Free for Three Days!

Authors Reach author Teresa Bassett’s young adult adventure The Mystery of Acorn Academy will be free on Amazon Kindle for three days from today, Friday 26th, to Sunday 28th January 2024 inclusive.

The Mystery of Acorn Academy is an exciting adventure aimed primarily at readers of ten to fifteen years old, but would also appeal to adults of any age who enjoyed reading mysteries as children, especially if they liked stories set in schools. Why not take advantage of this free offer to see if it would suit you or the young reader in your life?

Here’s the blurb:

Her best friend has vanished. Her only ally is her friend's aloof brother. Can they solve a

deadly mystery, before they become the next victims?

Fourteen-year-old Holly Champion is devastated when, following a traumatic incident, her father sends her away to an exclusive school in Cornwall. Acorn Academy, a magnificent clifftop

principal seem to dislike Holly so much? And what happened to the mysterious Lydia, who occupied Holly’s room before her?

When her new friend Jess vanishes without trace, Holly's only ally is Jess's aloof brother, Adam. Together they must risk their lives in a terrifying struggle, racing against the clock to expose a shocking plot.

Like Teresa’s other mysteries, most of the action takes place in her home county of Cornwall, UK.

‘The novel is primarily set in a mansion on the Cornish coast, overlooking the sea,’ she says. ‘As inspiration for the building itself I chose Antony House, a magnificent 18th century National Trust property near Torpoint, which I have relocated to a Cornish clifftop. My husband and I had a lovely day visiting there for research purposes! In the story, of course, I have created a fictitious history for the mansion, involving dark secrets.

‘Main character Holly is brave and likeable, but she can be impulsive at times. At the start of the adventure, she is struggling to come to terms with a tragic accident, for which she blames herself. This has led to major problems in the family, resulting in her dad’s rather extreme decision to take her out of her local school and send her away to a secretive academy.’

The promotion runs from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th January. These dates are inclusive, but please be aware of time zone differences. Grab your copy now to avoid disappointment!

Get your free ebook here (UK):

Find out more about Teresa’s stories here:


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