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Shani Struthers releases Psychic Surveys Book Nine: The Devil’s Liar

As a young woman, Theo was confronted by the spirit of a child who had killed other children, but decided she could be of no help, shutting down all possibility of further communication. Now older and wiser, Theo comes to regret that decision and wants to make amends, involving the Psychic Surveys team in her quest.

Meanwhile, Ruby is dealing with Willow Bayliss, a child who appears to be a channel for an energy that can only be described as base. Effortlessly she opens doors to paranormal experiences beyond even Ruby’s experience.

Via Willow and the child spirit, Ruby and Theo are plunged into the very depths of themselves, having to examine first their own fears and motives before they can help either. They will learn there are some devils worse than others. Devils that lie and manipulate the truth and yet, for Ruby at least, are so easy to believe…

What readers are saying:

"Loved this book another great read from Shani struthers , would recommend this book to all supernatural lovers everywhere in the world." Amazon reviewer

"This is the author's best book to date! Incredible storyline and keeps up the pace until the last page!!!" Amazon reviewer

"I love Shani’s writing, it is so lyrical and the story moves with such ease. The real joy for me in these books is that normal everyday life and the spiritual realm they work in flows parallel to each other, one bleeding into the other, I love the fact that the ladies all have such self doubt but still get the job done even if it risks their lives, their ability to see what others can’t has made them above all else kind, flawed, damaged and scared but kind." Goodreads reviewer

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