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The Firestone on Audible

Francesca Tyer releases the audiobook of her young adult fantasy novel, The Firestone, narrated by British actor and award-winning author Clive Mantle.

The Firestone is the first book in The Elemental Prophesy series and was first launched at WHSmith Salisbury in 2020. It tells the story of James Fynch, a fourteen-year-old

boy who, after witnessing a strange event at an airport, finds himself transported to a magical,

parallel world:

"It was thirteen minutes past midnight when the airport screens went black..."

James Fynch doesn't believe in magic, but his discovery of a coexisting world changes his destiny. The barrier between worlds hasn't been broken for centuries, but with dark powers rising, it is more fragile than ever before.

In this magical world, James becomes bound to a quest for the firestone, one of four mythical crystals able to destroy the rising darkness. Although James doesn't believe in magic, he must find the firestone or else both worlds may fall...

In a review of The Firestone, Dr Who Online said:

‘To think this is Tyer's first novel is mind-blowing - for this is the work of a seasoned writer whose attention to detail, character development and world-building, galvanises her as a most accomplished author.’

In October 2021, Francesca released the second book in her series, The Seastone. The third

book, The Earthstone, is currently being edited ready for release in 2023.

If you would like to listen to Clive Mantle's narration of The Firestone, head over to Audible:

If you would prefer to buy a paperback or kindle version:

For Francesca's other books and signed copies:


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